About Dr. Sue Skelding
    Dr. Sue Skelding is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan,           
graduating from East Kentwood High School in 1979.  She         
began her career at Grand Rapids Community College, and        
graduated from Veterinary School in 1990 from Colorado            
State University.

Her strong ties to her grandfather brought her back to             
Michigan in 1990 to begin her career.  In 1991, Dr. Skelding         
opened her first veterinary hospital in Lowell, Michigan.  Six       
years later she opted to move to Tennessee with her two             
children.  During the twelve years in Tennessee she was             
fortunate enough to become certified in Veterinary                       
Acupuncture, and Veterinary Herbology, as well as own a           
State of The Art Veterinary Hospital.  Although Tennessee has   
a fabulous climate, the schools were not challenging enough    
for her teenagers; thus she moved back to Michigan in 2009.

During the last ten years, Dr. Skelding has also had the            
good fortune of refining her skills in emergency medicine.          
While living in Tennessee, she worked as an Emergency             
Clinician, as well as private practice, as well as in Michigan.  

Harmony Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Center is the first     
of it's kind in Michigan.  With Dr. Sue Skelding's unique                
education, and exemplary skills; she is capable of offering          
an innovative approach, a "whole body approach", to your         
pets care.
Jake Sheaffer & "Emily Sue" (mare), &
foal (August 2010).
Jake Sheaffer at his 98 yr old
birthday party ( 11/2010)
                                                                        An "Innovative" Approach to your Pet's Health,
                                             is an "Integrative - Whole Body" Move towards your pets well being!
Dr. Sue Skeldng
and "Angel"