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Kentwood, MI
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Harmony Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Center is a full
service Veterinary facility offering State of the Art Internal
Medicine, Surgery, and Dentistry.  

We also offer Diagnostic Ultrasound, and Therapeutic Laser
Treatments.  Our goal is to deliver exceptional medicine with the
utmost care and compassion for your pet.

Harmony Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center is blessed
with being the first veterinary hospital in Western Michigan to
offer an  "Integrative" Medical Approach to your pet's health, by
utilizing complimentary medicine in addition to our regular
veterinary services.  

Dr. Sue Skelding is one of the only veterinarians in Michigan
certified in all of the Chinese Veterinary modalities including;
Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tui-Na, and Food Therapy.
"An Innovative Approach to Your Pet's Health!"

An "Innovative" move towards your Pet's health,
 .........is an "Integrative - whole body" Move towards Your Pet's well being"
                 (Imagine utilizing the best medicine possible from "All Worlds")

                                                    yours truly,
                                                                                                            Sue Skelding
(616) 554-3364 Office
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Thank you to all my clients and their wonderful pets for five blessed years.

I am relieved but sad to say that i am semi-retiring as of September 18,

The back injury that i sustained four years ago is a key component in my
decision along with the recent and unexpected death of my best friend. I will
be splitting my time between Alabama and Michigan--doing house calls
while I'm here.

Your records are available by an email request, with a three day window for
a turnaround time. Should you need them on an emergency--feel free to
make the request as i will try to make it happen immediately but i may not
always have access to internet at that exact moment. Feel free to email me
at   skldng@yahoo.com, making sure you place your last name and pets
name along with "records request" in the subject line.

Please contact our office with an updated email address. Should you want a
hard copy of your pet's record, a mailing charge will apply.

Within the next two weeks, you will receive an email postcard informing you
of your pet's vaccine history and may continue to receive these periodically.

The best way to communicate with me after September 28, 2015 is via
email. I will undoubtedly have a voicemail attached to our current office
telephone number but can't promise that messages will be listened to daily.


Dr. Sue Skelding